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The Summit QLD - Uniting Church


State: Queensland



9 Church Road The Summit

GPS: -28.577125, 151.949151


History and Architanure:

On 20 March 1915, a meeting was held at The Summit Railway Siding, for the purpose of considering the offer of a quarter acre of land on Mr Burnett's property for the purpose of erecting a Methodist Church. The offer was accepted, and a subscription list opened and 36 pounds 17 shillings was donated at the meeting.

The builder was Mr W. Wilmot of Stanthorpe. An organ was purchased for 24 pounds 16 shillings, twenty-four hymn books and 10 seats were also purchased. The building (unlined) cost 172 pounds. The opening took place on Wednesday, 18th August 1915. It was dedicated for worship by Rev H.M. Wheller. The church was lined in 1916 and the vestry added in 1926.

The last service in this church was on the 18th November 2017.


No current informatiion available.



1915 Rev H.M. Wheller
  Rev D. Fletcher
  Rev D. Hill
  Rev T. Bainbridge 
  Rev W.T. Phillips
1924 -  Rev E.G. Walker
  Rev J.T. Roberts
  Rev C.W. Morsley
  Rev B. Powell
  Rev H.A. Larkin
  Rev J.H. Heaton
  Rev J. Murray
  Rev R.J. Delbridge
  Rev R.L. Hogg
  Rev B.C. Davey
  Rev F.W.J. Morrell
  Rev R.A. Glasson
  Rev M.H. Stace
  Rev G.W.D. Williams
  Rev P.J. Blackburn
  Rev G. Filmer
  Rev Lorraine Irwin
  Rev D.R. Reid
  Rev C. Geyer
  Rev Iris Reedman
  Lay Preacher Ian Smallbone
  Rev R. Cook
  Rev Helen Prior
  Rev R. Morris
  Pastor Selwyn Brown
  Rev E. Lawson
  Rev M. Skinner
  Rev D. Graham
  Lay Pastor Dudley Abraham
  Rev Linda Hamill
  Trainee Minister Jenny Potter
  Rev Kay Ronalds

* The list may not contain all serving Clergy.


Contributions: John Huth 2017
Extracts: Great is Your Faithfullness. 100 years of service to God


The Summit QLD - Uniting Church