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Boonah QLD - Methodist


State: Queensland
Denomination: Methodist

9 Church Street  Boonah

GPS: -27.998959, 152.682776 



History and Architecture:

A Mr Fuller visited the region in 1880. In September. 1881, Fassifern and Dugandan were appointed preaching places and in November Mr. Powell conducted devotions at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Betts, Boonah, in the afternoon, and afterwards at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. Horton, Kalbar. Services continued at quarterly Intervals.

At Boonah the first service was held at the home of the late Mr. J. Betts and Mrs. Betts (afterwards Mrs. A, Vogel. sen, who now lives in John Street, Boonah), which was on the spot where the home of her son, Mr.J. Betts, stands. The congregation consisted of 24 persons, and the service was conducted by Rev. Powell. who had ridden from Ipswich for the purpose. Church goers attended the home for a few months for worship uintil services were started in the old State school building. As far as is known Mrs. Vogel's name is the oldest on the Boonah Church members roll. In the year 1888 the first church was built at Dugandan, on land given by the late Mr. Thomas Hardcastle not far from the bridge. This church was built by Messrs. George Beverley and T. Austin, and was opened by Rev. J. Buckle, head of the Methodist  Church in Qieenaland at that time. In 1887 flood threatened to wash it away, so it was re-erected in 1889 on the site now occupied by the manse at the southern end of High Street.

The Church is now closed. After church Union it was Uniting Church until a new church was built in 1989. It was sold to the Salvation Army and they used it until they bought the old Church of Christ.

The black and white photo in this record is of the old church and was the original Primitive Methodist church. It was built at Dungandan in 1883 and then moved to a site on the ridge in Boonah in September 1892.  After formation of the Methodist Church in Australia a new and much larger church was built in Church Street in 1907.

The old church was moved to Kalbar in 1908.


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1883 - 1885 Rev I Castlehow
1885 - 1887 Rev W. Little
1887 - 1889 Rev C. Wesley
1889 - 1891 Rev Thomas Thatcher
1891 - 1895 Rev Martin Webster
1895 - 1899 Rev Newell
1899 - 1902 Rev I Woir
1902 - 1903 Rev John Adamson
1903 Rev A.V. Boyd (3 months)
1904 - 1907 Rev Thomas Nock
1907 - 1911 Rev J.H. Heaton
1912 - 1915 Rev W.H. Greenwood
1915 - 1916 Rev D.S. Brumwell
1916 - 1919 Rev H.A. Denny
1919 - 1922 Rev J.A. Pratt
1922 - 1925 Rev W.C. Kiendienat
1925 - 1928 Rev F. Hof
1928 - 1931 Rev A.C. Tempest
1931 - 1932 Rev H.R. Roycroft
1932 - 1934 Rev W.T. Phillips
1934 - 1938 Rev J. Stirling
1938 - 1943 Rev S.Y. Potter
1943 - 1944 Rev T. Dent 
1944 - 1947 Rev S.G. Monro 
1947 - 1951 Rev H,T. Unwin 
1951 - 1956 Rev F.S.J. Buchholz
1956 - 1960 Rev A.L. Rose
1961 - 1963 Rev B.J. Dale
1964 - 1967 Rev G.E. Andrews
1968 - 1972 Rev M.L. Cheney
1973 - 1980 Rev E.J. Hutton

* The list may not contain all serving Clergy


Contributions: John Huth content and photos  
Extract: Queensland Times 17 November 1941
Boonah QLD - Methodist